February 13, 2013

Self-portrait, Part Two

24" x 60"

Using secret writing I've written places, words, people, food, events, and so on, that make up some of my history. Maybe you can read some of the words? Perhaps I'll share the entire text here in a later post. In the meanwhile, see the image transfer process I used for some elements in this painting. Below is the outcome of this process.

After taking such a long time to conceive, I'm happy to be putting it together. The funny thing about art is, no matter how I plan, it has a mind of its own and I can only follow along. I wonder what the next layer will be? I stay open minded and listen carefully. It will speak when it is ready.


Guernsey Girl said...

Love the blog - love the title - ought to be the name of a book!
Marilyn :)

Lauren said...

Marilyn, thank you for writing. I'd never heard of Guernsey until you wrote. What a lovely place it must be.