April 8, 2013

Spring Shows

Chinese court necklace, an ABC Rags version, of beads worn by Qing Dynasty courtiers
Handknotted cultured pearls and other semi-precious beads

Happy Spring to you! Mother's Day is around the corner. In celebration of Mom, gift items from the workroom of ABC Rags will be available at two shows. Please see the sidebar for addresses.

The first event is a trunk show featuring seven artists and held in the home of glass artists Eric Cantrell and Kevin Childers. Just-stitched lavender pillows and string bookmarks will be on my table. Some pillows are Chinese brocades made from silk brought to the U.S. from Hong Kong in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Other pillows were sewn from a stash of Japanese kimono silks, forgotten deep in a box at the back of my closet. Ooh, such luscious fabrics, each one of them. I'd keep them all, but it is more fun to share with you. (And now I have a bit of space to buy more for all of us, wink!) Every pillow is stuffed with lavender from the South of France. String bookmarks have a centerpiece of old Peking glass beads embellished with brilliant Kingfisher feathers. Jewelry for tomes very nearly makes one want to give up ebooks.

The second event is the Talmadge Art Show at the Liberty Station Event Center. I will have my full complement of textile treats: Lavender pillows, altered dolls, string bookmarks, happy houses, kimono silk rag baskets and Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet 'fridge magnets. Chinese court necklaces, like the one in the photo above, will also be for sale.

If you can't make it to shows, treats are available by mail and we can work together to make appropriate choices. Email me with your phone number and I will call you so we can talk. If you like, studio appointments are available for in-person selections too.  Make the pledge to buy handmade and local. I send my gratitude for your support of an independent artist.

, Lauren

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