May 14, 2013

Cloud Nine

Poor, lonely, unfinished canvases...  That's what happens when there are design and skills hurdles, plus art shows to prepare for.  These two canvases have been cluttering up my sewing room since February which you can read about here and here.  Mainly, I've been stuck on clouds, how to draw them and then come up with textural construction.  With the help of my friend Leland Wong, I am using his clouds for reference.  I have the skills to trace, but not to draw.  The goal is to finish the bulk of the work by Friday night.

Photocopied clouds are being interviewed for placement.

I traced Leland's clouds onto tissue paper (off white and blue).

It was especially tedious to cut the blue pieces, but when it's more difficult, somehow it's more fun.  (Did I really say that?!)

Four layers of tissue cut easily with sharp shears.

Gel medium is the glue I'm using to adhere blue tissue to off-white tissue.  Wet tissue stretches and tears easily.  I had to be careful.  It wasn't fun when one of the pieces folded back onto itself, grr!

Actually, the title of today's post should be Cloud Ten, since there are ten pieces, but I'm still in heaven when I'm creating -- such elation and exhilaration!

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Anonymous said...

I just love you! Looks good!