May 21, 2013

Five for Four, $88

I am still offering five pillows for $88 through the end of May -- buy five for the price of four. Individual pillows are still $22 each.

Before the recession, I lowered the price from $24 for individual pillows to $22, even as my cost of materials continued to rise.  Despite a poor economy we still want to treat ourselves and our friends to something nice.

Here are examples of what remains in stock.  Please email me with your selections and your phone number.  If you are uncomfortable with this method, I can post your selections in my ArtFire account, and you can pay from there.

Thank you for continuing to support an independent artist.

There are several more to choose from in the multi-green (top) and and in the floral yukata cotton (left).  If you are interested in seeing the others from these fabrics, please let me know.  

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