June 6, 2013

Filling the Gap

We have a Murphy bed in our guest room.  When the bed is open, there is an unsightly gap of about 5" between the mattress and the headboard/wall.  After we moved here, I vowed to do something about that space.  Some things just take forever to get to!  Once I got started, it took four hours to complete.
At the upholstery store, I bought six foam remnants for $1 each.
Two pieces were glued together using spray adhesive to make one long piece.  Anyone want four pieces of foam?!
My pal Nancy gave me batting left over from edges of quilts she makes.  Wrapping foam softens the corners.  I used a stream of Fabri-Tac glue to keep the batting in place.
I used Fabric-Tac again to keep the face fabric in place too.  Nothing was machine-sewn.  A fell stitch was used to close the silk.  I use a fell stitch more than any other stitch.
The ends are closed like gift-wrap.  It's a little messy, but I don't care.  No one except our Minister of the Interior, "Benzo" Garduño, will pull up the bolster to inspect it.  
It's a bit wrinkled from being 1" too long, but I'm glad it's finished.  Bed pillows go over this now.

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