June 4, 2013

It's (kinda) All About Me

My self-portrait is finished.  Although an actual picture of me isn't on these two canvases, many details of my childhood are in secret writing, even though most are obscured by layers.

I thought about this project for nearly four years.  My creative process can be lengthy and a project may take ages to conceive, plus there are delays from fear of failure.  Elements piled up in my room and in my head, but the big, fat kick-in-the-butt was when I told my friend Claudia about my idea and (more than once, apparently, because) she said, "Lauren, you've been talking about this for a year."  Oh boy, she had no idea!  Don't get me wrong; it wasn't Claudia's intention to embarrass me -- she's my pal, after all.  Did I have enough materials?  Was I ready to begin?  It was another five months before completion, because I can procrastinate like the best of them.  Earlier posts are herehere and here

Here are stages of the work, plus some of the text which is hidden in scribbles.  I won't reveal all of the words because, after all, it is "secret writing."

spring valley nob hill chinatown library ymca swimming pool tao tao grant avenue sun sing theatre stockton street commercial alley lem’s grocery store cable car barn marina junior high 2nd princess kdia 55 sacramento peacock café ping yuen hung tao yee foo wonton firecrackers curb dog portsmouth square chinese rec center chicken feet melon soup jook chicken feet pau-pau gung-gung cameron house loretta yosh for hair frosty’s sun hung heung hon’s wonton house chinese historical society sam wo gee yuk beng hom yee fairmont hotel huntington park comstock building st. mary’s drum and bell corp -- When I was a little girl my daddy said this little girl looked just like his Lauri; I felt so proud because she’s beautiful

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It's fabulous!