July 2, 2013

Streaming Choices

Stream of consciousness, stream of consciousness, stream of consciousness, and on and on...  Can you go one on one with your brain, keep up the steady stream of chatter, both negative and positive, a running commentary of the fight that clouds your mind, altering choices from this way to that, never really making a decision because forces outside are making them, causing sway?  It might be your mother, it might be your father, or it is that girl in grammar school that you admired and hated at the same time because you wanted to be exactly like her but she hated you because you were dull and uninteresting. It might be a non-choice:  a rebellious act, neither your choice, really.  and then before you realize it your life is half over -- is there still time remaining to live for me, to make my own choices, rather than to please others?  what the hell -- who am I living for?!!  Live for me,  Live for me.  Live for me.  Live for me.  Live for me.  Live for me.  Repeat as necessary.

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