August 21, 2013

Reworking It

There are still two rag baskets available ($65 each).  Both were made from the Japanese kimono silk.  Today I reworked the embellishments because the baskets haven't been acquired yet.  It always helps to freshen things up!  What do you think?

August 17, 2013

It's (Talmadge Art) Show Time

What are you doing next Sunday?  I'll be at the Talmadge Art Show hawking my wares.  See the sidebar for details.  ArtWalk is being held within walking distance -- it's a good day to get your fill of handmade work.

Come see new Happy Boxes in my booth -- check them out here. A new series of bookstrings will be introduced that have collaged beads made with cancelled "Love" postage stamps.  Bookstrings with vintage Chinese beads are still available.  I will bring lavender pillows made with luscious Chinese brocades, Japanese textiles and new shibori-dyed silks.  Ask me for the special price on lavender pillows:  Four for $88, plus one free.  Spend $100 and get a handmade cloth tote bag.  NOTE:  If there is something special you remember from my blog or my online shop, be sure to let me know so I can bring it.

Treats that don't sell on Sunday will be listed in my online shop during the following week.  Appointments to visit my studio can be made for in-person selections.

Make the pledge to buy handmade and local.  I send my gratitude for your support of an independent artist.

, Lauren