October 30, 2013

November Events

Buy local, stay local and support local.  Come on out and start your holiday shopping.  Handmade goods are waiting for you.  

This weekend I will be at these events with a plethora of treats:  Happy boxes ($30 to $55), "Love" stamp book strings ($22), lavender pillows made with luscious Chinese brocades, Japanese textiles or new shibori-dyed silks ($22 to $37), and wine bottle hat/scarf sets of five ($23).  Tooth Fairies will be looking for new homes as well ($22).  There are still a few purse hooks ($25), Shakespearean magnet sets ($15), and two reworked kimono silk rag baskets ($65).  Spend $100 and get a handmade cloth tote bag.  NOTE:  If there is something special you remember from my blog or my online shop, be sure to let me know and I will bring it.  

Appointments to visit my studio can be made for in-person selections.  Stay tuned for December events.

Make the pledge to buy handmade and local.  I send warmest gratitude for supporting an independent artist.
, Lauren

October 6, 2013


Without thinking, I fried vintage sari fabric.  I thought it was silk, but I was wrong.