March 25, 2014

Doll Works

I love playing with dolls, even at this age.  My skills are vastly different than when I first began sewing, and I have that to draw upon.  I've learned many more techniques since then!  The best part has been recouping some of my childhood's sense of creativity and adventure, with results that are a triumph and a surprise.

Following is the start of my next series, "Bound to Fashion," where the theme is wrapping, like the tiny feet of my paternal grandmother, and the enslavement that women have endured, often by choice, in order to stay in vogue.

I've got L'Wren Scott on my mind -- have you read this article?  How do you feel about making choices based on vanity?  Or are you aware of it?  I have made my share of choices (aka, mistakes) following this route.  Miss Scott excelled at it.  I will miss her creativity.

March 24, 2014

Heavenly Scented

As if I'd forgotten, I have a show coming up in a few weeks.  Are you with me?!  If you are, freshly-sewn lavender pillows will be available in vintage and modern Chinese brocades, shibori silks and woolens hand-dyed by Doshi, and vintage Japanese kimono and obi textiles.  Some fabrics have handstitched embellishments.   Get 'em while they're fresh, $24 each, and filled with lavender harvested from the Provence region in the South of France.  Mmm, the scent is intoxicating.

Please join me in a few weeks.  There is a map-link on the sidebar.
As you might have guessed, Barbies have taken a back-seat to getting these shop-staples sewn and stuffed. Stay tuned for Barbie transformations.

March 15, 2014

Wherein Barbie Takes a Bath

It started with normal cleaning materials:  cotton balls, Q-tips, alcohol, and a damp rag.  Results weren't forthcoming, so after reading how others restored old Barbies, twelve dolls went into the bath water, complete with shampoo and toothbrush.  No photography needed if you can imagine their histories of being dragged around, loved, handled with sticky fingers, taken to play dates, handed down to younger siblings, etc.  The bath water was grey and the hair was matted.  It was not the quick clean up I thought it would be.  I even used a pencil eraser to remove dirt from the skin.  Barbie hair is synthetic and a hairdryer helped to smooth waves set-in by rubberbands.  The results are dramatic as you can see.


March 14, 2014


As I finished sewing a color group, my intention was to share photos, but I was on a roll and couldn't stop.  All the machine sewing is done!  It feels good to admire a pile of nearly-finished work.  Stuffing and sewing comes next.

In the meantime, I will play with dolls.  This is what I have to work with.

March 6, 2014

In Production

Frankly, sewing small pillows is not very exciting, unless I'm working with vintage Chinese brocades, Japanese obi and kimono pieces, and Doshi-dyed silks in brilliant hues, color combinations which give me pause and textures that make me stop to caress.  Just think if these were plain muslin -- what a snoozer that would be!  Stay tuned.  More colors and images to come.

If you see nearly-made pillows that tickle your fancy, imagine the heady scent of lavender, and send me an email to hold it for you.  Once they're done, I'll pop them into the mail -- $24 each, plus $3 postage.

March 4, 2014

Rubberstamp Logo

Ahh, finally, I've got a rubberstamp of my logo.  You know how good it feels, and what a relief, to check off a long-standing item on the To Do List!  The first things I stamped were muslin bags meant to hold precious bookstrings.  Next will be tissue paper and then labels. Ooh, boy, one could go a little bonkers stamping everything until the ink runs out.

I send thanks to my friends who helped me look it over before I had the image set in stone/rubber.