March 25, 2014

Doll Works

I love playing with dolls, even at this age.  My skills are vastly different than when I first began sewing, and I have that to draw upon.  I've learned many more techniques since then!  The best part has been recouping some of my childhood's sense of creativity and adventure, with results that are a triumph and a surprise.

Following is the start of my next series, "Bound to Fashion," where the theme is wrapping, like the tiny feet of my paternal grandmother, and the enslavement that women have endured, often by choice, in order to stay in vogue.

I've got L'Wren Scott on my mind -- have you read this article?  How do you feel about making choices based on vanity?  Or are you aware of it?  I have made my share of choices (aka, mistakes) following this route.  Miss Scott excelled at it.  I will miss her creativity.

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Anonymous said...

Eek... I watch too many murder mysteries or something.. this kinda gives me the willies.