March 6, 2014

In Production

Frankly, sewing small pillows is not very exciting, unless I'm working with vintage Chinese brocades, Japanese obi and kimono pieces, and Doshi-dyed silks in brilliant hues, color combinations which give me pause and textures that make me stop to caress.  Just think if these were plain muslin -- what a snoozer that would be!  Stay tuned.  More colors and images to come.

If you see nearly-made pillows that tickle your fancy, imagine the heady scent of lavender, and send me an email to hold it for you.  Once they're done, I'll pop them into the mail -- $24 each, plus $3 postage.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the colors! Miss you.

phyllis said...

Love all these blue silk! I still have my red silk one and love, love it...