May 2, 2014

Fine Bookstrings

Save the place in your reading material with the finest bookmark ever (IMHO). I made tassels of seed pearls and finished the other end with Peking glass -- look closely on the metal sleeves of the teardrops for the brilliant blue Kingfisher feather snips. Other materials I used are pink tourmaline, vintage ivory, carved bone, tanzanite, wood, Swarovski crystals, brass, red cinnabar and glass. Two of my favorites are the green agates carved with golden dragons and the pearlized Om beads from an old mala.

Your hardcovers and paperbacks deserve the enhancement and will feel good as something to fondle while you read. These bookstrings will be available at the Talmadge Art Show this Sunday. See the sidebar for more information. Those that remain will be sold in my online shop next week. If you see something you like, write to me and I'll put it aside. They are $65 each.