September 20, 2014

Abandoned No More

A bowl of mixed beads captured my attention because of the colors, textures and different sizes, but inspiration eluded me for years, like since 2010.  What to do with them?  A few pearls were added, then strung and hand knotted.  What a simple little necklace.  I think I'll wear it today.

Years ago I worked in a bead store.  These orangey-red jasper beads were on my Want List for weeks until I finally purchased them.  Employee discounts are a good thing!  The beads became a necklace separated by bright vermeil spacers.  It never laid well on my neck, it was heavy and the shiny gold was passe.  It was never worn.  This week I took it apart and reworked it.  The green glass gives it some punch, and the wavy antiqued brass "sequins" create an interesting V-shape along the angled sides of the jasper drops.  This beauty is now in my online shop.  Make it yours.