October 28, 2014

Artisan Festival

November 2, Sunday * 9am to 3pm
Artisan Festival
Temple Emanu-El
San Diego, California

Please join me to begin your holiday shopping.  You'll see two items in my booth:  Beaded bookstrings long enough to wear as lariats and relaxing lavender-filled eye masks in Doshi-silks.

This event is produced by the WRJ Sisterhood at Temple Emanu-El, 6299 Capri Drive in San Diego, a group of women dedicated to do mitzvoth, or good deeds, and enhancing friendships.  Funds earned from their raffle is donated back to the community.  Raffle prizes are items donated by each attending artisan.  If nothing else, come to see this temple.  It's an architectural masterpiece designed by architect David Singer and sacred space designer Laurie Gross Schaefer.