September 30, 2016

Bernette ProGlide Iron, 1994

This iron has been with me since 1994.  That's a long life for an appliance.  Bernina/Bernette hasn't made such things in many years, and I consider myself fortunate it's still going strong.  All other brands went kaput within a couple of years.

For a long time, the iron seemed to have a worn cord, and a clicking sound and a red flash of the power light confirmed it.  If my Dad lived closer, he would have repaired my iron in a jiffy.  However, I am my father's daughter and knew I could fix it myself.  After an online search for common issues, I got busy taking it apart.  Sure enough, it was a worn cord, as evidenced by the second photo.  See my repair work below.  We're back in business.

After removing a screw, I could take off the base.
Wear and tear on the cord shows where it rubbed against the plastic housing.
I cut away the worn cord, stripped the wires, reattached and capped the new connection.