November 4, 2016

Artisan Festival 2016

This Sunday, I will be hawking my wares.  The event will be at the beautiful Temple Emanu-El in the Del Cerro neighborhood of San Diego from 9a to 3p.  I hope to see you for a hug and a hello.

My newest offering is an apron much like the one I wear at shows.  Now you can have one as well.  Each apron is made from fabric which was spun, indigo-dyed and then woven by women on an island near Shanghai.  The ladies used to keep the cloth for their dowries and, back in the day, the quality was the measure of a potential bride.  The textile is 100% cotton and is machine washable and dryable.  Mine has gotten a lot of abuse and it holds up sturdily through repeated washings.  The ties go around your waist where you might hang a dishcloth while preparing meals.  The aprons are suitable for all genders and have a generous double-pocket on the front, large enough for a cell phone.  Choose yours from among various woven patterns, primarily indigo-blue or indigo and white.  My friend Johanna wears it well.  The pattern is by, and I am selling what I've sewn with their kind permission.

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