February 27, 2017

"Where do you get your lavender?"

I get asked a lot at shows, "Where do you get your lavender?"  The fragrant buds I use in pillows and eye masks comes from the south of France and then it is shipped to me in sacks.

These images were taken by Jerome Courtial, a photographer known for his drone work ("dronographer").  His two photos below give me the same feelings as when I'm enveloped in the glorious scent while stuffing pillows.

This image was selected as one of Dronestagram's top 20 drone photos of 2016, and with good reason.  Mr. Courtial wrote, "I went to Valensole hoping to get a new angle than the classic view.  I knew this was harvest season so I looked for tractors and waited patiently until some started to harvest in a pattern that would create a pleasing composition from above.  I just had to start the drone engine and capture the photo against really strong wind."

We have been to Provence and there the mistral blows steadily in winter and spring.  Mr. Courtial wrote, "Hope you are not all sick of lavender shots just yet.  It was really windy when I got to Valensoles in Provence.  Like mega winds.  It was shaking the tripod.  I was cursing my luck, thinking I wouldn't be able to get the postcard shot of the lavender fields neatly aligned. But then, as you must often do in photography, I tried to compose with what I was given and decided to make the wind part of the image and I'm actually more pleased with the picture now than if i got it without wind. When life gives you lemons..."  This is my favorite of his photos with all of its warm colors and sunshine.